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We are First Choice Vehicle Security, and whether you are looking for van door deadlocks or a reliable car/van alarm, we can install them for you, quickly, efficiently, and for a competitive price. If you need to improve your vehicle security  anywhere in the West Midlands, you can rely on our capable team.

Call 07941 321546 for a quote and give yourself that peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is safer and more secure.


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What we do




We install quality van deadlocks for exterior vehicle doors, preventing thieves gaining entry to the vehicle, and deterring them from attempting entry too. The deadlocks we install are manufactured by Locks 4 Vans, and these are one of the best deadlocks on the market, with a visible, secure, and tough locking mechanism. If you are looking for vehicle security in Willenhall, these van deadlocks are a great place to start.



Car & Van Alarms

The Cobra alarms we install are state-of-the-art technology, with driver recognition cards, immobiliser, and an additional passive digital signature, preventing key-cloning thefts and physical break-ins alike.

We also install immobilisers and these can work in tandem to prevent any vehicle being unlawfully driven away.




We also sell and fit a wide range of vehicle accessories, aiding security and driving safety. These include reversing cameras, parking sensors, tow bars, and door-lock guards.

Have a look through our range of car accessories, and call us for a quote today.







Why choose us?

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Quality products

We provide Cobra Alarms / immobilisers, Locks 4 Vans deadlocks, slam locks, rep locks which are among the best products on the market for these roles.




Personal local service

We provide vehicle security in Willenhall and throughout the West Midlands.




25 years of experience in the trade

With decades of experience, we should be your first port of call for alarms and deadlocks.






How it Works


Our service commences with your contact – if you are looking for vehicle security in Willenhall, you can call 07941 321546, or use our handy chat window, to talk to us about what your vehicle security needs are.

Each vehicle and security system is different, and it is important to consult with us to make sure what you want is compatible with your vehicle.


Whether you need a new car / van alarm or a deadlock for your commercial vehicle, once you have decided on the right model of equipment, we shall come back to you with a free competitive quote.

All the equipment we fit is the very best available.


Schedule Fitting

We can then schedule the fitting of your vehicle security system, according to your convenience and our availability.

Please make sure to supply an accurate location for your vehicle security fitting.


We shall arrange to visit you at your home or place of work to fit your equipment quickly and efficiently.

All fitting is carried out to the very best possible standard, and we back this up with a 12 month guarantee.





Reviews of our alarm fitting and deadlock installation service will appear here soon.