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R8_altTextAt First Choice Vehicle Security, we install state-of-the-art car alarms and vehicle security systems, so you can have peace of mind, knowing your car is as secure as it can be. With our experience and expertise, and high quality Cobra Alarm systems, we will make sure your alarm system is the best it can possibly be. We install car and van alarms in Willenhall, and across the West Midlands. 


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 Our Car Alarm Products

 Cobra A4615 Alarm with ADR Tags

(for cars and vans)


This alarm is Thatcham Category 2 – 1 and allows driver recognition, keeping your vehicle safe against cloning. It works by preventing the vehicle from starting without the ADR (Authorised Driver Recognition) cards, combating hi-tech vehicle key cloning and ‘relay’ theft.

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Technical Information


  • Plip / can Integration
  • ECU programmable (Vehicle brand/model specific)
  • Armed/Pre Disarmed via Original Key or additional remotes
  • ADR Tag (Authorised Driver Recognition)
  • Wireless Bluetooth link between Siren and control unit


  • Single circuit immobilisation
  • Anti-scan / Anti grab
  • LED/ 4-digit emergency pin override and diagnostic function
  • ECU programmable (Vehicle specific)
  • Optional sensors and horn honk
  • Panic facility via ADR Tag



Cobra A8510 Category 2 immobiliser

As well as installing car / van alarms in Willenhall we install state of the art immobilisers. This is a Thatcham Category 2 insurance approved immobiliser and is a touch-key two-circuit system. It provides dual circuit immobilisation and is simple to use. The vehicle remains immobilised until the driver touches the touch-key onto the receptacle on the dashboard. It automatically arms once the driver turns the ignition off.

This system is very popular choice with vans with compromised factory security to stop vehicle being unlawfully driven away.

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